Fermented red yeast glutinous rice wine chicken soup

Fermented red yeast glutinous rice wine chicken soup. Goes well with noodle/rice. My grandmom taught us well on this dish. She loves to cook it when cold days since alot of ginger needed.

(1-7) Soup mee sua single portion for myself.

(2-7) Served over the rice for hubby. (He did add on the gravy after the photo, to make it feels like flood 🙄)

(3-7) Just out from stove. Still boiling hot.

(4/5-7) Red yeast sauce and mee sua packet that I got from @kfl_supermarkets_au .

(6/7-7) The amount of ginger I use. Yea, need to be alot to get the fragrant, but if you lazy, just cut into slices.

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