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Fried prawns omelette roll: Pro Gallery

Fried prawns omelette roll

For two pax

- Ingredients Tapioca powder 1:3 cup to Water add pepper fish sauce Farmed eggs 5 Fish sauce Garlic 3 coves Chilli finely diced 1 unit Lime caviar Cucumber Edible flower seasonal choice Coriander Chives Veg oil Chilli sauce Blend ginger garlic chilli vinegar sugar lemon grass Procedure Hot wok Fried tapioca mixture in hot wok Add egg fried with heaps of hot oil Set aside fried prawns add garlic fish sauce to taste add pepper Mix both portions together with chives Plate with the chilli sauce fresh cucumber Add lime caviar Garnish with seasonal edible flowers Coriander. Enjoy!

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Fried prawns omelette roll: Inventory
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