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How to cook rice like a PRO!

Using your favorite pot

  • Short/medium grain rice - 1cup to 1 cup of water

  • Jasmine/long grain rice - 1cup to 1 1/4cup of water

  • Basmati/Saffron rice - 1cup to 2 cups of water

Cooking time: - Allow 35-45 mins to cook, depending on your pot.

Instructions :- ​

  1. Rinse your rice twice for good hygiene

  2. Drain rice

  3. Put rice in pot, use above measurement for the type of rice.

  4. Bring the rice to a full boil.

  5. Lower the heat to the smallest setting.

  6. Open the lid slightly and let it simmer. 

  7. Inspect rice after 30 mins. 

  8. Rice should be ready to serve anytime now. 

Tips: - add 3 times of the suggested measurement for congee.

- For fried rice, leave rice overnight.

- Please do not drain cooked rice. 

How to cook rice like a PRO!: Inventory
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