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Salmon Fish Head Noodle

brought to you by Xinru Ong Instagram Asian food blogger.

* Salmon Fish Head

* Shaoxing cooking wine

* Corn Starch

* Pickled Mustard

* Ginger

* Chicken Stock

* Vermicelli

1) Marinated the fish head with salt, pepper and wine for 30minutes.
2) Lightly coat (1) with corn starch. Deep fry to outer until lightly brown. Set aside.
3) Cut tomato, cut pickle mustard vegetable, add few slices of ginger, chicken stock and water. Bring to boil.
4) When the soup comes to boil, put the fried fish head into soup.
5) High heat - boil for 5mins, lower heat  to low setting and simmer for 30mins to an hour.
6) Separately soak vermicelli and cook with clear water.
7) Place the cooked vermicelli into bowl as base. Pour the fish head and soup into the bowl. All good to serve

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